Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hola Famila!!!

I am so excited to here from you all!!!! YOU GOT
RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!! I haven’t gotten the dearelder
yet, but if you send it before Sunday it should be coming in that
following Thurs.  Esta bien :) I just got back from a morning session of
the temple, and I just absolutely love it there!!! I notice something
new every time I go. The celestial room is just absolutely gorgeous. It
is so bright and aw, just so beautiful. I noticed today that there are
many little sun motifs throughout the celestial room, which adds to
the beautiful mirror motif of a sun on the ceiling. Very Tangl-ish ,(From the Movie “Tangled”
haha. But in all seriousness, I am constantly reminded of our loving
Savior while I am there. The Sun. The Son :) And the sealing room is
just off of the celestial room, and I like to look at it every time I
go. I definitely want to be married in the temple :) The temple is
smaller, the session rooms have 3 rows of pews and the veil is also in
the same room. But I love it!!! Its just so cozy and inviting (Plus, I
like the pews because the witness couple can sit together and hold
hands. Missionaries can’t be witness couples, but its cute to see the
witness couples sitting by each other. The CCM is also very small. The
capacity is 150-160. It used to actually be only 100, but they have
converted the hostile attached to the CCM as an extension (that’s
where the sister missionaries stay). So the CCM has been under
constant reconstruction. But I love the CCM. The size is not
overwhelming and you get to know so many people (because you are
seeing the same people all the time). New missionaries also came in
this week, including the girl from my dorm!! It was so nice to see
her. We also got 2 new roommates. They are 2 Latina missionaries. They
are so nice. One of them knows English pretty well, but last night I
was talking a lot with the other sister. She had a rough first couple
of days, but we talked a lot about family and things we like to do.
They are both so nice and have the most beautiful smiles :) Mi
companera is so great as well. Her name is Hermana Empey and she is
from St. George. I have been learning so much from her on how to be a
better person. Having a companion was kind of weird to get used to, but
we have been so blessed with unity and the ability to communicate to
each other. Such a Tender Mercy! We both want to get better at the
language and better at teaching and sharing the gospel through the
Spirit. Speaking of getting better at the language, we got una
sorpresa este lunes. (Surprise on Monday) From 10 am - 9 pm, my district and another
district need to speak solo espanol. We’ve been given 5 straws, when
you hear someone talking in English, you take their straw. The person
with the most gets a big chocolate bar. We will be doing this for the
rest of the time that we are here at the CCM. Honestly, it was a bit
overwhelming, pero (but) it will only help us get the language down. We are
supposed to always carry our Spanish dictionaries with us everywhere, as well.

Last p day, we got to go to the Mercado (market). Seriously, I felt
very Destination Truthish (One of Tiewa’s favorite TV shows) as we were going through the mercado. It
looked a lot like the one they went to in Mexico. The night before,
our district was given 2 Books of Mormon to place there at the market.
Our teacher has taught us that we should always be carrying a Book a
Mormon in our hand. And towards the end of visit, me and 3 other
sisters placed our Books of Mormon!!!!! Hermana Adair (the missionary
from the airport) was talking to the vendor about the Book of Mormon.
He then asked if they were our copies. I then said "No, queremos
compartir!" (No we want to share it with you)  And then we placed them!!!! We even got their contact info
and gave their contacts to one of the teachers. It was crazy!!!!! But
so neat to try to communicate and hear people’s stories. The people of
the mercado were so kind with big smiles. The people down here have
the biggest smiles!! En Serio :) (Seriously)  We also visited a relief map of
Guatemala (giant map made of cement). I got to take my camera, so I’ll
be sending those home too.

How has school  been? Do you have first day
pictures? How has the archery been going for you Kayla? Dad, I also
got your letter this week, and it came at a time when I really needed
it. Thank you so much!!!!I know I am known and I am Loved. Your letter
reminded me of your phone calls when I was up at school and you were
coming home from work. Thank you so much Dad!!! Thank you all so much
for all of your constant love and support. I am strengthened so much
by your support. I finally got to send out my letter home yesterday
(since were under construction, its been kind of tricky to find the
mailing out box and when its out). I’m sorry its taken so long for me
to send it out I hope you get it soon. Can you also send me Kathee and
Martins address too? How was your birthday Joci!!! I’m sending you a
little something special :) I love you all con todo mi Corazon (with all my heart). Muchas
Gracias por su amor! (Thank you for your love) I am still so happy about the rain. And thanks
for telling me how Lola’s (family dog) doing, I have been thinking about her. Give
her a big hug for me and a really good belly rub (and a really good
ear scratch too)! I love you all!!!!!! Cristo vive!!!! Yo se!!!! Yo
se!!!! :)  (Christ Lives! I know I know)



Con Amor, Hermana Esquerra

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