Monday, September 30, 2013

A year Ago I was at the Conference Center attending the RS Session

Thank you for sending me that picture!!! :) I love it!!!! I also just got all of your letters yesterday, and it was such a tender mercy to receive them :) Completely made my night :) Joci, I love the quotes you sent me :) They literally made me laugh out  loud :) Thank you!!! You always make my days brighter :)
 And Kayla, thank you so much for your words of comfort, you truly have the Gift of Comfort :) Don’t you ever underestimate yourself, you have such a good and pure heart. Un Corazon de Calidad :) I can’t wait to see where you go in these next chapters of your life. Keep on SMILIN :)
 And Mom, thank you so much for your words of guidance too! I am so grateful for you advice siempre and your guidance always helps me to see the good within me and see the hope in mi vida :) You really have been a great example to me of enduring fe y esperanza.

 And Dad, muchas gracias for your words of advice :) You have the gift of teaching with Humility, and I have and continue to learn so much from you. Again, thank you so much for your support, your hope and your light. I truly have been born of goodly parents-- parents who teach and guide with charity and humility.

 And, Lola, I love you so much too! Keep doing your yoga and eat some spam for me :)

This last Saturday was the Relief Society Broadcast, and for me it was a great and spiritual experience. It was broadcasted in Spanish, which was very interesting and eye opening to me. I didn’t understand a lot, but I learned and was edified so much. It is just so amazing to me how faithful people are to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to modern revelation today when they can’t understand the language it is originally given in. Being able to understand and know English is such a tender mercy to me and it is something I have definitely been taking for granted all my life. For me, the tone of voice makes such a big impact on how I receive what is being said to. It truly is a gift to be able to translate-- not just the words, but the tone as well. When President Burton was finishing up her remarks, she was getting choked up and tearing up as she spoke. I don’t know what she said, but I felt the Spirit so strongly at that moment because the woman who was translating was speaking in a choked up and teary voice as well. Her message had that much more of a deeper impact because of the tone it was presented in.

I think it would be an incredible job to be able to translate for conference. I want to help people receive the words of these inspired leaders in the best and most impactful way as possible. What I mean by this is that I want to help people feel a deeper connection to their words by presenting the words of these leaders with reverence. This night was a testimony to me that revelation surmounts language barriers, especially when President Monson spoke.

It also hit me this night that a year ago, I was at the RS session live at the conference center with my roommates and ward. I had no idea then that I would be serving a mission a year later, let alone that I would be watching this session in Spanish in Guatemala. Back then, my mind was preoccupied on other things-- I was trying to spread my wings and soar as I just started this new chapter of my life living away from home. I was thinking about drawing homework assignments, the music culture of downtown Utah and a bunch of others things. But a mission wasn’t even a thought to me then. It doesn’t feel like a full year ago, but it amazes me all that has happened since a year ago, how my life plans have changed for the moment, and how my priorities have changed as well. It’s exciting to me to see where I will be a year from now and to see how I have grown and to see the new bits of wisdom I have gained. This next Saturday will mark the year anniversary of the big mission announcement, and it is very interesting to me to look back and see where I am now. And to ponder about where I will be later.

And lastly, like I said before, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the English Language, especially when el profeta(the Prophet) speaks. I know that the power of revelation conquers language barriers, pero, es mas calidad a escuchar las palabras de los profetas en ingles (but more quality to hear the words of the prophet in English). I don’t know how to describe it, but there is a special spirit when His words are heard in the original form. Hence, I have a deeper desire to help mi companera y others a aprender ingles (my companion and others to learn English). I told mi companera (my companion) this too after the session. I wish I brought more pictures of temple square and of the conference center. She has such a strong desire to see these places someday. She thinks it’s absolutely incredible that I have actually been in the SLC temple and that I have actually seen the prophet.

This is true faith. In contrast to los hermanos de Nefi en 1 Nefi 17 (the brothers of Nephi in 1 Nephi 17) she doesn’t have to see the prophet in person or have actually been to the SLC temple to know that Thomas S Monson is the true prophet of God and that the power of temples is real. And I am so amazed and so inspired by her testimony and the testimonies around me. This truly is a blest land, and I want to work so hard to make any impact I can here.

I do get frustrated sometimes, I have such a hard time understanding the needs of the people. But I know that I just need to have patience with learning the language and learning how to teach. Again, I am so grateful for all of your advice, comfort, and prayers. This Is Possible. And I Know Miracle Are Waiting To Happen. I just need to move forward in fe (faith) and believe in myself. God will never EVER put us in a situation that will lead us to only fail. DIOS NOS AMA MUCHO! DIOS NOS CONOCE PERFECTAMENTE! (God loves us and knows knows us perfectly)And He sees us as all that we can become.     


I have such a strong testimony in the Evangelio de Jesucristo, yo se que el Evangelio es verdadero (Gospel of Jesus Christ and I know the Gospel is True)

I send you all my love, and may rain come your way :)

Con Mucho Amor,

Hermana Sonrisa Tiewa Esquerra

PS. I introduced mi companera to Pringles this last P Day. She really likes them and says "Son muy ricos!" :) Pringles really are an international snack--DT.


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