Monday, December 23, 2013

Bed Bugs Long Gone

It is so good to hear from you too! :) My companera and I are working really hard down here. I have not slept harder in my entire mission until I got here in Salama. I totally conk out at the end of the day. haha. We are trying really hard to find new investigators. Earlier this week we found a new family! :) It was an inspired miracle that they were found.  The family is Aura and Angel. First we found Aura at her house. It was pouring rain, and we just came up to their house and called to see if anyone was home. She let us in right away, and she was so warm and inviting. Later that week we met her husband Angel. He has many questions, but he was willing to listen. Please also pray for Amisaday and his girlfriend Mari :) Amisaday has his baptism this Sat! He is very excited for his baptism and he is whizzing through the Book of Mormon. Mari is so sweet. She really tries to make me feel loved and known here. She is a less active, but she has been coming back with Amisaday. But she has struggles with her family life. Sometimes she comes and other times she doesn’t


It is great here :) My area is much more city than what I had in Coban, but we also have a lot of country side area. This area is HUGE! :)   I am so excited!!!! :) Bed Bugs are long gone.


Thank you so much!!! I am praying for you all always!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Con Mucho Amor, 

Su Hija

Hermana Sonrisa Tiewa Esquerra

Salama Zone December 2013 (Tiewa is in 2nd row, white shirt)

Monday, December 16, 2013

1st Transfer

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!!! :D THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!! :D I got it the day of our Christmas Conference :) (Wed) I absolutely loved the gifts all wrapped up :) And the VOICE RECORDER was such a pleasant surprise :) WITH YOUR VOICES ON IT!!!! :) That was the best gift of all!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!


And now I am here in Salama! It is beautiful here. We are surrounded by mountains and they remind me of Provo Canyon. I came in at night, so waking up to the sight of these beautiful mountains was amazing! 


And mi companera se llama Hermana Brandaris (my companion is named Sister Brandaris). Ella es de Panama!!!! (She is from Panama).   She has many pictures up of the Panama Temple (Panama is one of Tiewa’s favorite Temples), and it makes me so happy :) She is great too. She is quick to love and I love how she teaches, she is able to explain things simply and in a way that really makes sense. 


We are working hard, and I feel like we had a pretty good week. I got to get to know the area (its huge!) and the people we are teaching. Yesterday we had a great lesson! We met with a less active se llama (names) Karla. She is scared to pray about serving a mission because she is scared the answer will be yes. I completely understand how it feels to be in the spot. And I got to tell her my story about when I was praying about the mission. The lesson just flowed and the conversation just carried along. And my companera (companion) was right there beside me testifying of the truths of the power of Prayer. We explained to her how to first pray for her heart to be open to God’s will. This is was my prayer after the mission age announcement, and after praying for my heart to be softened to His will for a month, I received my answer. And it was the most direct answer I have ever received. I also told about how much I have grown here in the field. I am becoming a much wiser and stronger person, I am becoming someone I never imagined I could become before the mission. And it is all because I am doing His will. Wherever you go, whatever you do, if you will just follow His will, He will raise you up to be someone you never imagined for yourself. It is absolutely amazing. 


She told us that she would pray for her heart to be open to His Will that night :) That was such an incredible lesson, and I am praying for Karla too :) 


We have gotten a little bit of rain, but it has been pretty cloudy here. Felicidades A Mikayla!!!! Wow, what a great accomplishment!!! Physics!!! 


And my Spanish is really coming along! Now that I am with a Latin companion, I am able to see just how much Spanish I know. Contacting and lessons are becoming so much better because I’m understanding! I still have so much more to learn and study (a lot of verb tenses), but I am amazed by how much of the Spanish I do know. The gift of Tongues is Real! :D


And thank you so much for all of your prayers. I really do feel the strength and hope of them!!! :)  That was a tender mercy of this week. It was Thurs, as I was kneeling down to pray for personal study, I felt the hope you all have for me. It was incredible; your support is lifting me up and making me a better person :) You all help me to remember why I am here. Thank you!