Monday, September 30, 2013

First cold bucket shower.....And it felt so nice!!!

I love these projects Mom!! (For Relief Society Super Saturday) It is so good to hear from you :) I AM OFFICIALLY IN PETEN, SAN BENITO!!!! :) I’m in the very top of Guatemala (as we drove here, we drove right through the intersection that takes you to Mexico). It is really hot here. But I love it. I GOT TO RIDE IN A TUC TUC FOR THE FIRST TIME HERE :) They are basically shelled mopeds. And mi Companera es de Ecuador-- Hermana Castaneda. She doesn´t speak English, so I am definitely getting a lot practice. And our neighbors (our home owners) are incredible too-- they don’t speak English either. The Blanca Familia. Hermana Blanca  cooks terrific food and Hermano Blanca tiene un guitarra (has a guitar) :) I got to play for a little bit today.

We have been working a lot with inactives. The goal here is to form the branch into a stake. We have a lot of members, but the big issue is not having full tithe payers. I really want to work so hard to help these people.

We also have a sister come with us on splits and she is working on her mission papers. Her name is Maria Patricia-- Patty. And she speaks Chetqui. I learning from her too :)

Last Tuesday was when we left the CCM. From there we drove to Coban (4-5 horas) and then the next morning, we drove to Peten (6 horas).

Since I have been here in Guatemala, I have developed a greater appreciation for many things. Like knowing English. Whenever we watch General Conference excerpts, it is always through translators. It is such a tender mercy to able to understand the general authorities speak without a translator... their words are still true, but it make a difference to hear and understand their own voices. Hopefully I’ll watch conference in English, but we will see :)

I also took my first cold bucket shower my first day here. And it felt SO NICE! They are very refreshing after the day’s work. I am very grateful for these cold showers here :)

Hermana Adair is also here in Peten!!! I get to see her on Sundays and I even saw her here at the computer lab. It was great to be able to travel all the way up here with her. My district leader from the CCM is also here, and he is even in my district! Again, its great to see familiar faces.

There are  times here when I do get frustrated, but I know Heavenly Father is only a prayer away. My testimony in the power of prayers and the scriptures (especially the Book of Mormon) have grown so much! I love the Book of Mormon. I was studying 1 Nefi 17 reight now, and it is so amazing what new things I find and how they apply to my life right now. Cristo Vive!!!

I am definitely keeping Kayla in my prayers :) And I am so glad to hear that mom got her new schedule. And that joci is in chorus!!!  :D You will definitely have to send me pictures of your hike too!! I have a lot of pictures too, and I plan on developing them soon.

I love you all con todo mi corazon!(all my heart) Cristo vive y nos ama y nos conoce. Y su evangelio es verdadero y esta restuarado :) Guarde la esperanza y fe siempre!! :)

Con Amor, Hermana Sonrisa Tiewa Esquerra

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