Monday, August 19, 2013

2nd week is in the Books (including a new best breakfast ever)

Hola Familia!!!


Week 2 flew by. Every other week, I will be writing you either Monday or Tuesday because the CCM is getting cleaned (the latin missionaries leave every 2 weeks, so they clean the CCM at the same time too). That means my P Day this week is on martes!!!!  (Tuesday) We will be going to the mercado (market) and then the temple again.


Right after I emailed you last week, we got to go to the Guatemala City Temple. I LOVED IT!!! It is very small, but it so so beautiful. Celestial Room is so gorgeous!!! I definitely want to go back as often as I can. It was also really nice because the only people in my session were my district and one witness couple. It’s very peaceful there


And then, earlier this week, we had a mariachi band come and surprise us at lunch!!!!!!!!!!!! You know how much I loved that!!! It was my Mission Presidents birthday, and they performed a mini concert for us. One of the songs they performed was the song Kathee and Martin (Aunt and Uncle) danced to at their wedding reception. It the one dance that starts out with the man doing his footwork slowly and then he progressively dances faster and faster. I absolutely loved the mariachi band!!


I also had the best breakfast ever this week..... fried eggs with a tomato juice/ sauce on top with a side of tortilla chips covered in a green chile sauce. This may sound weird, but IT WAS SO GOOD! I’m definitely going to be cooking that when I come back home. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! haha


This week, we also had our first lesson with our real night teacher (we’ve been having subs the first week). He is awesome! He such a happy person. Whenever you ask him how he’s doing, he answers EXCELLENTE with a big smile and he has such a love for the gospel. One of the first things he did was write the doctrines of Christ on the whiteboard, and he had us repeat the words out loud. I actually got choked up as we were doing this exercise. I got a glimpse of what it was like when we were being taught in the Premortal Life. I felt the Spirit so strongly, and I know that, just as our teacher has great hope in us, we were taught by angels with this same (and even stronger) hope and love. 


Mi companera y yo (my companion and I) have also taught a few lessons to the Latin Missionaries. It is definitely difficult because of the language barrier, but I am understanding a bit more and more each day. One day, we taught two lessons to the latin missionaries, and I actually had a little headache afterwards because I was concentrating so hard to understand. haha. But I was happy because my spanish is getting better. I can actually ask questions to the latin missionaries and they understand what I am saying! haha. After one of the lessons, one of the elders we taught told my companera y yo that we have beautiful spirits. And we will get the language down. We just have to keep trying. I also noticed that in both of the lessons we taught that day, the latin missionaries prayed for us to bless us that we may learn the language and be able to speak the language. I definitely feel strengthened by the hope of the people that are around me here at the CCM. 


And guess what, this Sunday.... I gave a sacrament talk in Spanish!!!! I feel kind of bad comparing it to this, but it was like the Reaping in Hunger Games. They call you from the podium in that moment to speak, and then everyone sitting around just looks at you. I was the first speaker of the meeting. They give you the assignment earlier in the week, and everyone just writes a talk just in case they are called. I had a feeling I was going to be called, but it was still a shock. I just took a deep breath, and then went up tp the podium. The topic was the Great Apostasy, so I just read my talk straight from the paper word for word. But then I bore my testimony unscripted, and it was a powerful experience. It was one of those moments where you don{t really remember what you said because you were completely guided by the spirit. I can remember that I bore testimony that the light of Christ and his gospel has been restored and that there is real power in the Atonement, but I can{t really remember how I said it. All I know is that the words came to me, as I paused and pondered what to say next. And I felt so great afterwards. 


This week, my district also went to the temple and we talked with people on the grounds. Again, it was great practice and we were definitely blessed by the light of the people we met. 


I sending a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Joci, Shondeen and Soonwye from here in Guatemala. I hope this message sends some rain your way, and please remember that Christ does live and you are a child of a loving heavenly father :) I love you all with all mi corazon :) You are all in my prayers :)



Con Amor, Hermana Esquerra  

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