Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First email from Training Center

Hola Familia!!
I only have a couple minutes to write, but I am here in Guatemala! :) I am alive and well and I am already learning a lot and testing my español. I tried talking to a couple latin sisters at lunch today. I slept most of the time flying to Guatemala, but arriving was amaizing! I took a lot of pictures, but the CCM has our cameras (there have been cases of stolen cameras here). So it might be a while until I can send them to you. The Guatemala Temple is beautiful!!!! Literally took my breath away.And it is SO GREEN here!!! And the breeze here is so nice and cool.
 My companion is great, and I truly feel blessed with comfort and peace. Thank you so much for all of your constant support. I will write you more on P day :) El vive!

Hermana Sonrisa Tiewa Esquerra

We can't wait to see the pictures and practice our Spanish.....

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